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Essay on “Technology in our lives”
We are a generation of the XXI century – the time of scientific and technological progress, because technology occupies an important place in our lives. And without them we just can not imagine our existence.
Many of us use have smartphones, laptops, tablets, wireless headphones, speakers and other devices that we easily use every day, without even noticing it. The Internet allows us to communicate remotely with friends and keep up with all the happenings in the world. With the help of special applications we can make and pay for purchases, control home appliances and interactive toys, monitor the movement of transport in the city, etc.
Of course, technology makes our lives much easier. They buy essays for sale save time, give access to new information, expand the circle of acquaintances. Medical technology keeps people healthy and allows us to take care of loved ones, even at a distance from them.
But there is a downside to all this. A man becomes too dependent on various devices and ceases to rely on himself. That’s why today the loss of the phone can be a real tragedy for many of us, as can a power outage or an Internet connection.
Often people, do my paper instead of doing useful things, spend their time studying other people’s pages on social networks and watching various videos on Youtube. We communicate less in person and have lost interest in books. This can also be seen as a negative consequence of technological progress. But still, I am a supporter of the further development of science and the emergence of new developments that can change people’s lives for the better.
I think each of us must make his own choice and understand what is important for him personally. I myself will not neglect meetings with friends and going to the library, because it helps me to recharge my batteries with positive energy and feel the spiritual uplift that technology cannot give to man so far.
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